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Thursday, September 3, 2020

September 03, 2020

Electro Homeopathy Medicine For Infertility problems of women


Infertility Problems Of Womens | Electro Homeopathy & ALT System | Treatment & Medicines | SVPSO Org

✍️🌏🌿  Live Programme  🌷🌏
✍️☘️ Live Class through You tube 🌸🌏.

SVPSO Org | Electro Homeopathy & AS System of SVPSO Org.

🌿🌷🌏🌷 Medical & Health class by :-
Sri Dr Evr Naik YOGI / Samyama Yogi , Global star level Wonderful Doctor, Vaidya Ratna (*Dr-Er-VE--Medcn Sci-Administrator
-Prof-Adviser-Bless-Solutions giver for all prob -Yogi) of SVPSO Org, BHARATH .πŸŒπŸ™

✍️ Live Class through you tube for EH & AS system Doctors of all Nations &  other Drs in the World and for awareness to
patients 🌏 !

✍️ Electro homeopathy and Alt system of SVPSO Org Drs Treatment & Common, & Formula Medcns can cure all kinds of Diszs & health problems of humans(*M/F/kids/youth/old ppl) , Anmls, birds, & crops/
plants pests .πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸŒΏπŸŒΌ

✍️ SVPSO Org Vasthu & Yoga System can solve all house/place/family problems & make you happy & peaceful !

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....~~~ Uploaded by YouTube channel ,& class sponsored by SVPSO international non Profit organisation, TS, BHARATH for awareness to global Ppl & a training class to Drs & Medcl staff . 

September 03, 2020

SVPSO Organisation

SV Public Service Organisation | Golden Life by SVPSO Org Int | SVPSO | Telangana State | Hindusthan.

*SVPSO International Organisation Services .

✍️Sri Venkateshwara Public Service Organisation International/SV PUBLIC SERVICE  ORGANISATION INTERNATIONAL/SVPSO INT ORG- SERVICES/Non Profit Org, Golden TS, SWACH BHARATH/Golden India.

✍️//It's a pride of for Bharat/India, a wonderful Godly service Organisation//.It's aim is to make TS,Bharat as Golden State, & for NATION, World Peace & Development !

    ✍️*The SVPSO int Org, is the 7th best,top,holy & wonderful place in India(may be First , or in to top 7 holy places, such a great & holy place in the World, such a holy place- many people cured, many impossible Diszs cured  here ) which give Wonderful Results! Yogi's/Guru's/Rishi's/Godly Persons work/render service in it ! Wonderful Results !

✍️*//For witness/proofs,see/watch :
See u-tube Channel:-

*SVPSO Org videos or SVPSO org 

Svpso  ,@EvrNaik,
Dr Jyothi Svpso Spiritual, or
  .....or Visit the Org in person  & Confirm the truth// !

      ....~~~Uploaded/Published by Svpso int non profit org Experts teams fr World people awareness !


✍️*1.Yoga Meditation Services/SV Scientific Pyramid Yoga Meditation of int org. This spl type of Yoga will give mind peace & make the body fit and healthy life ! Wonderful training, godly exercise,& Meditation for happy, healthy,peaceful & golden life !

✍️*2.Medical/Health Services- Plants & Flowers -Electricity medcns & Medcl System with SPL supporting skills,without surgery/Electro Homeopathy & Alt medcl system/SV Electro homeo Care, SVRI research inst,EH lab of EH system and  EH & Alt Stores of SVPSO int org,Golden TS, Swach BHARATH/Golden India !
All Diszs/health problems will be cleared/cured without surgery ! Wonderful results !

✍️*3.House/Gruha Vasthu Services/SV Scientific Pyramid Yoga Meditation Center' of SVPSO int org. All Vasthu problems will be cleared/solved ! Wonderful results !

✍️*4.SVRI/SV Research Institute & EH & Alt Stores.Wonderful Inst & medcns & Materials ! training,study,course etc .

✍️*5) Spl classes ,Trainings,Camps,Advise & solution of all problems. 'Spl YOGA , MEDITATION, "Golden life program" by SVPSO int org fr golden life !

✍️ * 6) πŸ‘The SVPSO int org (Electro homeopathy -Vasthu-yoga,Camps,advise & solution for any problem) has cured/solved thousands of patients diseases/health problems, cured many animals Diszs, their lives saved, thousands  of VASTHU problems solved & given yoga meditation training to Laks of Ppl ! Its a Godly Service Organisation !

✍️*ORG BANK A/C: Contact Org pH. 9985278981, 9052645022 for any transaction, service, medicines, products, vasthu, yoga materials, puja, bhakti
materials etc.

    ✍️ *Note: Pvt staff,Org staff/NGOs,retd staff etc work with just min remuneration, in service staff(Govt Employees) participate in free camps on Sunday's & holidays etc,work @ free of cost ,yoga,health camps,distribute medcns etc.

   ✍️ *7) πŸ‘The SVPSO int org is a Top,best,holy & wonderful place ,godly place for solution of all problems & give mind peace and give  wonderful results ! The Global people are leading happy,healthy, peaceful & Golden life !

     ...~~~SVPSO int non profit org , Golden TS,Swach Bharat/Golden India/Hindusthan ..

*Org u-tube Channels:-

πŸ‘ SVPSO Org
πŸ‘SVPSO Vasthu Engg
(VV Naik/Svpso)
πŸ‘Evr Naik Yogi SVPSO
Dr Jyothi SVPSO Spiritual

πŸ‘Electro homeopathy -Vasthu-yoga ,
πŸ‘Golden life Program by SVPSO

*Org Fb& twit:-

✌πŸ‘ SVPSO Org
Evr Naik Yogi

*, 9052645022
(whats app)

* timings : 9.30 AM to 8 PM.,(2 PM to 3 PM Lunch break), Serious/urgent cases : 24 hrs(Heart stroke,paralysis,High BP etc ).Y